Service Provider Self-Evaluation Form

Section 1: Incorporation Type

Section 2: General Information

Section 3: Pudential Requirements

SECTION 3.1: Prospective Services Lisense(s) and Capital Requirement

Prospective Services License:

Selected Prospective Licenses:

    Total Net-worth needed for all the selected licenses: 0

    3.2: Asset Mix Ratio

    # Identifier Birr ‘000,000
    1. Liquid Asset(A)
    1.1 Cash
    1.2 Bank deposits
    1.3 Treasury bills
    1.4 Listed securities
    1.5 Other liquid assets
    1.5.1 (please specify)
    Total Liquid Assets 0
    2. Total Assets (B)
    Ratio of Liquid Assets to Total Assets 0

    Section 4: Governance Requirements

    4.1 Governance Structure

    Governance Structure:

    Section 5: Other Operational Requirements

    5.1 Operational Readiness

    5.1.1. Infrastructural Facilities:

    5.1.2. Record Keeping

    5.1.3. Operational Procedures and Requirements

    5.2 Technology Requirements

    5.2.4. Systems and Control:

    5.3 Human Resource Requirements

    5.3.5. Employees:

    We appreciate your participation in the self-evaluation process. However, we would like to bring to your attention that the response provided does not fully comply with the Capital Market Service Providers Licensing and Supervision Directive. A PDF has been generated and downloaded for your review. Nonetheless, if you still want to consider applying for the license, you can click the button below to access the forms.