Service Provider Self-Evaluation Form

Welcome to the self-evaluation form for prospective Capital Market Service Providers. This tool allows prospective capital market service providers to assess their standing as per the Capital Market Service Providers Licensing and Supervision Directive. If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ethiopian Capital Market Authority’s Licensing Directorate for assistance at for further inquiry. You can also call the Directorate directly at +251115578311.

i. Applicants are required to complete this self-evaluation form before submitting an application for a Capital Market Services License (“Services License”).
ii. The self-evaluation form is a guide to enable prospective applicants evaluate their level of readiness for the Services License, as well as compliance with prudential, governance and other requirements for each applicable Services License.
iii. A positive report or result from a completed self-evaluation does not guarantee that the applicant will be issued a Services License.
iv. All applicable sections of the self-evaluation form must be completed.
v. Provide responses in the appropriate box and tick where required.
vi. (*) means not applicable to Individual Applicants.

Follow this link to access the self-evaluation form.